TAS Solutions

Accuracy, efficiency, security and visualization of the operations are always the key concerns of the terminal owners. Based on 20 years of industrial experiences in TAS related business and close co-operations with prevailing customers in the petrochemical sector, such as Sinopec, CNPC, etc., JOYO M&C has designed and successfully implemented various kind of solutions on terminal automation systems for multiple customers, including those covering the ATG and tank-farm inventory monitoring systems, truck loading/unloading control systems, oil-tanker/rail-car loading/unloading systems, inflammable gas detecting and alarming systems, CCTVs, access control systems, border fencing and alarming systems, remote electronic seal monitoring system, integrated terminal information platforms and integrated security monitoring platforms, etc. Our solutions have benefited our customers with a lot of true values and made their daily performances in both overall safety, security, delivery efficiency and accuracy greatly enhanced and improved. Consequently, their productivity in overall has been significantly increased with higher accuracy in inventory management, better planning in daily operations and quicker responses in accidents.

Function List:
• High accuracy tankage monitoring, inventory management in both volume and mass with the precise measurements of the level, temperature, density and the oil-water interface of the liquid in tanks;
• High-high level and low-low level alarming;
• Reports for product movements and inventory reconciliations;
• Truck loading/unloading controls with high accuracy flow metering and online process safety monitoring and reminding;
• SCADA monitoring for pumps and valves;
• Safety interlocks between different operations and ESD buttons for important operations in the terminal;
• Inter-actions between the CCTV cameras and the alarming, and/or between the gates of the terminal and the alarming;
• Business planning, key operations online approving and quality data enquiry and managements;v • Key equipment running status monitoring and maintenance management;
• Remotely monitored truck sealing based on GPS and GIS;
• Integrated security monitoring and emergency response dispatching platform;
• Data sharing to upper level platform or selected servers for specialty monitoring.

System Architecture:


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